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The Urdu word ‘Kaavish’ literally translates to endeavour or effort. To put it simply Kaavish foundation is all about koshish to provide infrastructure to increase the quality of life of the rural poor

CEO Message

Your greatness is not what you have , its what you give”. As the founder of Ehd-e-Kaavish I strongly believe that it’s our duty and responsibility to give back to the society in which we live, in return of the many things we avail from it in our day-to day lives. Ehd-e-Kaavish  as an organization stems from this root belief. Right to Education and Right to Health are some of the basic rights which every individual of this world should be provided with, irrespective of their social status. Ehd-e-Kaavish leaves no stone unturned in ensuring this. Me and my teams mission to serve the penniless gives us the solidarity to work with full devotion, genuineness and trustworthiness. We dream to see a more brilliant Pakistan with this little drive of our own and realize that our fantasies will prove to be fruitful InshaAllah. We always await your support offered in any way, feel free to visit us and become a part of Ehd-e-Kaavish